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Mission Statement
Vanishing Solutions, Inc. empowers wireless device users by providing protection against unwanted tracking, tracing, monitoring, hacking, and data theft.

Vanishing Solutions, Inc. understands that security products are only effective if they are easy to use and available when needed. The greatest advantage is gained when the security is integrated into a product that people are familiar with and currently use, such as cell phone or tablet computer cases.

VSI was established to develop, commercialize, and market the unique (patents applied for) technology that allows one case to act as both a security enclosure and a standard carrying case. Thousands of hours of research, development and testing have resulted in the creation of the specialty materials and techniques that allow the case to be quickly and easily reconfigured.

CellVanish™ is the first product in VSI’s security case line. To receive information about product updates and future product releases, please subscribe to our email updates (below) or follow us on Facebook.

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